puppy barks at me, but not my husband

Continue this process for as long as it takes for the dog to be comfortable being closer to men. If you're consistent and patient with these corrections she will eventually learn that growling doesn't get her what she wants. But if she is home and I come in, he'll trot over to me, sniff and lick my hand, and then be on his merry way. My bulldog puppy is a total sweetheart but in certain circumstances she is very aggressive and will bite to draw blood. Once she's had all of her puppy shots I'd strongly recommend getting her enrolled in a puppy obedience class. According to Mother Nature Network, dogs often look for human comfort by jumping on their lap or clinging on their legs when they are frightened. This is one of the problem behavior discussed in more detail there. I keep saying NO when she tries to nip at me and so she's actually only gotten to my ankles maybe 3 times. Got him at 4 months old. My American Bulldog puppy, 4 months old growls at me and snaps when I go near his food bowl when he is eating. He must be putting off a submissive attitude because the other dogs tend to want to bully him around. At the time of this incident the pup should have been corrected with a firm "NO bark" and his attention re-directed either to a toy or a game etc. Most puppies are submissive to older dogs, and most older dogs are more gentle with a puppy who's 'taking liberties' than they would be an adult. In this case you husband should look away every time the dog barks at him. My Dog Barks at Me! Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. The problem is that these dogs can ruin relationships. I guess this is the “Puppy Crazies” that they all get, but he does two things I’m not sure of. Dogs use body language to communicate. Don't talk to her (even negative attention is attention in her eyes) and don't make eye-contact, simply walk away or ignore her. This style of training will backfire and cause him to challenge you at some point. I would also recommend enrolling her in a basic obedience class. This isn't your family dog so it's a more difficult situation, but if at all possible I would recommend trying to have your son feed the pup sometimes (with supervision of course), and to help 'train' him by asking him to SIT and giving him a treat when he complies etc. I have a 9 week old female bulldog puppy, she is getting overly aggressive and stubborn. Don't expect them to be perfect. Basically, I want to know how to get her to not attack her leash, or the hand that puts it on her and how to stop aggressive behavior with my kids. I have a 10 week old Wheaten puppy that we just got. The no-bark training collars and muzzles will make your dog stop barking at you in the short term. Your dog may bark when you're approaching them because they fear you. They would be able to tailor the training and corrections to her personality after interacting with her and observing how she behaves. If you have had Zeus properly dewormed, and you know that's not the problem, then it may be that he wasn't properly taken care of before you got him. My son will pet the puppy, talk to him, then it's pretty much over. Don't approach your dog from its back as this may startle them, especially older dogs who may be hard of hearing. And begin working on basic obedience, you can find out how to do this on my Puppy Training page. But they can have dominant personalities, especially as they go through adolescence. In addition, dogs are more likely to bite you when it has been physically disciplined by you. If he doesn't need to go out and it's not time for puppy supper, at 4 months old he may be starting to explore where he fits into the pecking order. Puppies of this age shouldn't growl or bite to draw blood, a bit of nipping and mouthing, and play growling is normal, but it seems that your pups' behavior goes beyond this. Some situations make them afraid. Now, none of this is going to result in a well-behaved pup overnight, but if you are consistent, loving and patient - but firm, your little guy WILL get the message. She chews and bites anything and everything, that is common behaviour but she seems to be more intent on biting feet and toes as well as hands and fingers. Just be firm, loving and patient with this little guy and he'll do just fine. It's best to have a small or mid sized pup 'altered' (ie either neutered or spayed) before 6 months of age for health reasons. When we are walking they don't fight. I wish you the best of luck with this little guy. My 16 yr old niece has a 5 month old male german shepherd. If I'm busy or my husband is not paying attention to him, he moves his bowels where ever he feels like it. So, needless to say we comforted our little guy reassuring him the puppy was not going to attack him, etc., but we made the rule the puppy can not be unattended around our son, or vice versa. Always use a calm, but firm voice and keep it low. Raising puppies is very similar to raising children - they go through the same stages (just faster than kids do) and you can often recognize human traits and phases in puppies. If she gets a hold on my hand, she will tear into it with teeth clenched tight and start shaking her head, trying to break skin. When telling my american bulldog puppy 'no', she often barks back and grunts back at me . I'm really scared what she will be like as an adult if she is this aggressive as a puppy. But if either of them snarl, curl their lip or put back their ears etc., this is a more serious warning than just play growling. Check out my Puppy Kibble page for more information and links to the other dog food pages on my site. Hopefully you already correct her firmly (verbally) whenever she growls or snaps at anyone. Let her fill his food dish, give him a treat for learning to 'sit', brush him etc. We know that puppies need to sort out which one of them is the boss, but I'm a bit lost as to how to stop the fighting before Molson gets too big and can become dangerous to Tiffany, but even more importantly to other puppies, people, and children. You should avoid this if your dog is not expecting you. When you comfort your dog in this situation, you are affirming that there is something to fear. My 6 year old son sees the puppy at least a few times during the week, but their meetings are very casual. It's important that you persevere with disciplining him and insisting on appropriate behavior while he's young. If he is barking at your husband, your husband yelling at him will not help or eliminate his behavior. Puppies hit the teenage stage anywhere between 4 and 9 months of age (depending on breed and size). I'm sorry you're having so many problems with this little guy, and I can imagine how frustrating and disappointing this must be. At your pups age he is testing his boundaries, and it seems that he's showing signs of 'guarding'. Here are some of the things you can do to help: Greeting your dog with excited energy can either make your dog respond positively or trigger the fight or flight instinct. I've taught him to sit, come and stay (w/ treats) but when I don't use the treats he rarely listens to me. The question is, should the puppy have been corrected and how? On the third week, go a little closer to the stimulus but not close enough that the dog reacts aggressively, then praise and reward. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. we just got a new puppy he is 7 month s old and is a rott/dovermen he is a great dog and loves kids and me but wen my husband is around he barks at him..he acts scared of him really.. i do not see any like meanness to him..he is skittish around him.. i think the people who owned him before me had a man abuse him. I would also recommend practicing the 'leave it' command with his toys etc. Don't play exciting games late in the afternoon though as this may just start to wind her up. Leather or nylon leashes can be soaked in vinegar and let dry as another option. You'll have the hands-on help of a qualified dog trainer who will be able to help you deal with any behavior issues, and your pup will get some valuable socialization. However, although it's normal and understandable it IS important for him to learn that your daughter isn't a pup and that she is higher up in the pecking order than he is. At my wits end! My significant other thinks she is a vampire!! I'd recommend that as soon as he's had at least two sets of shots, that you enrol him in a Puppy Obedience Class (see my Dog Obedience Schools page for tips and advice on choosing a good school). It may be hard for a few weeks, but the result will be a much stronger, happier relationship between you two and your dog, and that is worth whatever effort it takes to achieve it. I am home with him most of the day until I leave for work in the afternoon. If it is barking at you, the best thing is to stop what you're doing. If he had to fight his siblings over an inadequate supply of food, he would already have developed a very food-possessive attitude. If she behaves this way when you try to take something from her, make sure that regardless of how vigorously she defends it, that YOU win (firmly, calmly and gently). Puppy biting, nipping and mouthing is often an attention-seeking behavior, but it can be an attempt at dominance, and is part of natural play between pups. The leash is a strange thing to most puppies, and some seem to see it as an enemy at first. When he isn't getting attention, he barks for it and I don't know how to stop him. According to Dogtime, maintaining eye contact with a strange dog can be intimidating. She is kennel trained but now it seems to be a time out or bad girl place more than anything - especially in the evening. Why Does My Dog Bark at Me & Bite Me and Not My Husband? Dogs bark for a reason -- they're trying to tell us something. I think she gets plenty of exercise (playing fetch, walking). This isn't something to be panicked about, but you're right in wanting to get control over this now, because it will only get more challenging as she gets older. Meanwhile, start making him 'work' for his meals, treats, petting etc. If she bites someone it could be a difficult situation. Rotties have a habit of making a grunting/groaning/almost-growling sort of noise in their throat when they're happy or content. Keep your body language confident but not threatening for best results. Scenario 1: Your dog wants attention from your husband. These breeds often excel at learning tricks and love to perform, this would be another way to help her use up her energy and talent. He could bring treats for the dog like a chew toy or dog bone so the dog will be happy with a treat and busy while you two do human things. My son had already greeted the puppy, but when my son went to pet the puppy again the puppy began barking at my son. My 15 wk old boxer just started humping legs. I'd also suggest enrolling her in a basic obedience class at one of the local dog obedience schools. If she insists on chewing on her leash all the time, try spraying it with bitter apple or smearing it with hot-sauce so that it doesn't taste good to her. Learning their body language will let you know when they are saying yes and when they are saying no. The guidelines on the food bag are just that - guidelines. Some dogs bark for your attention. He does not do it to my husband, only me. I have pulled him away from his food, and he is fine as long as the whole time he is eating I never leave his side. Make sure she does whatever it is you have asked of her, or she will think that this is the way to control you. My former Maltese was a rescue and was a biter. She was a bit weary of him the first week and a half but the past 4-5 days she barks at him, and she won't come to him if he calls her. The best way to build a better loving connection with your dog, is to treat them with the same kindness you would your own child, build trust and never to physically discipline them through violence. She needs to know in no uncertain terms that this is not okay. I brought my Pembroke Welsh Corgi home one week ago and when we first got her she was soooo calm. Regular. "Inviting a dog to approach and then waiting for the response is best." HELP!! He is a mixed breed whose mom was a Pitty and whose dad was half German Shepherd and part Husky. Continue to be consistent and patient with his puppy training, always make sure that he obeys you before he gets his treat/reward and be firm but loving. But that was not the case this time. When you are walking with your dog, give them the freedom to explore, let them stop and sniff flowers when they want. If you can get some friends to 'visit' you so that you can practice this more often, so much the better. Using positive training methods will help your dog trust and learn to listen to you. Possible reasons why your dog barks at you are that it wants attention, it wants something from you, it is warning you, it is alerting you to something, boredom, excitement, or having learned that the behavior is rewarded. It's important to be very consistent when training puppies and not to expect overnight results. Anyhow I collected her as he was working that day and brought her home. It takes a lot of repetition for them to learn what is expected. Dogs are not always courageous. Once she gets a grip, I can't shake her off and have to pry her mouth open to get her off me, usually ending up having her bite me all over again. In general, dogs WANT to behave the right way, they just need to be shown clearly what that is. What you are describing is actually pretty normal puppy behavior and I definitely would not term it 'aggression'! Eventually you'll be able to make his treat just once in every half a dozen times and he'll still be obedient. She gets a grip on their lip or tail and has them running away, sometimes with her still attached. If you can't stop her with verbal commands or a gentle muzzle-wrap (holding her mouth closed for a few seconds while telling her 'no bite') then it's okay to put her in her crate for a time out. Most puppies want attention a lot of the time, and would prefer to be playing or interacting with their owners than just about anything else. Fear biting is more difficult to manage and can be a hereditary problem, it is also more unpredictable. In fact, if you use a loud, stern or harsh voice with her, or act in that way, she may misinterpret it as an aggressive behavior. You are going to be 'cruel to be kind' because otherwise this little boy risks losing the only home and family he knows and loves, and that would be terrible for him (and unnecessary). Other puppies understand this, but children don't, and when they run and squeal they are actually encouraging her to continue (at least that's what she thinks!). Raising a puppy is like raising a child, and it takes lots of time, patience and consistency to teach them the correct behavior and how to fit in with their human pack. Paper trained him, but at 6 months put a doggie door in, which he goes out & in of, sometimes does his business in the designated area we made for him, but for the most part goes on the paper. When your dog learns that the food is coming from your hand, they will like you more and want to always spend time with you. Dogs respect whoever is in control of the necessities of life - the resources that they need. Your pup looks to you for guidance and you will need to be very consistent, patient and firm (but loving) in your attitude to this behavior. When they misbehave, be calm. He'll soon decide sitting and getting petted and treats is preferable. She growls and snaps at guests, company in and around my home, and if I take her to the vet, groomers, anywhere where people want to touch her. Details like beards and glasses can also unsettle a dog who is not used to them. Repeat this every time he tries to jump. This often results in bossy/bratty behavior which can seem to be aggressive. There are many people seen who… The smaller and younger he is, the easier it will be to correct him, he's already 4 months old so start now! It starts out innocent, but if she feels they are "winning" at their game, she attacks them. This is why they're often not recommended as the ideal choice for first time dog owners (among others). She simply said the puppy was playing. Your puppy is behaving in a very normal way because he sees your daughter as a sibling, another puppy really, and this is his way of interacting with other puppies. Make sure that she 'earns' everything, from her meals to her treats/walks etc. A puppy growling or nipping can be worrying if you're not sure what's normal behavior. If you do this at every mealtime for a week, then cut back to doing it at one mealtime a day, then every other day.. you should eventually just need to do this on a random basis to keep his trust. Don’t dive in and grab him. He's approx 7-8 lbs. We recently rescued a 3yr old poodle mix female from a "puppy mill" situation. We also have 2 Golden Retrievers (4yrs & 3yrs)who she is vicious to during play. Now is the time to assert yourself as not … If he goes right back at her when your release him, repeat the same thing. If he demands attention from you, i.e. This may show up most strongly around children. Either put her in the kitchen/laundry room or whatever with a baby gate to keep her there, or in her crate for 10 mins, while she calms down. Remove the source of fear (toddlers, and other dogs are common culprits) and take your time over reassuring him. The biting, nipping and barking that you describe is normal, a little growling is also okay. Of course, you need to be right beside her so that she doesn't get it caught up on furniture etc., or hurt herself. If your pup hasn't already been neutered then I would recommend getting that taken care of. While your dog is learning not to bark at your husband, do not comfort it, even if it seems scared. Praise and reward your dog for not reacting to men and continue at the same distance for about two weeks. But, a firm corrections such as a simple 'NO', followed by a redirection of your pups interest to his own toys etc. We knew she was very timid, and especially around males. This can cause her to 'push back' as it were. We have a 1 year old son and I will not be able to keep the dog if there is a chance he will snap at my son! I don't mean this harshly at all, the situation you're in is actually very common and although it may seem impossible right now, with discipline and perseverance (and a bit of time) YOU can turn this pups behavior around. Some interactive toys would also be a good idea. She is not expected to get more than 20 pounds and looks like a border terrier mix. Large or guardian breeds do NOT need a more authoritarian style of training than any other breed. Some one told me i need to nip this in the bud because he is playing but he is telling her he is in charge how do i stop this??? She isn't afraid of them at all. There's a lot of truth in the saying 'a tired puppy is a good puppy'. by having her 'sit' (and make sure she obeys) before putting down her food dishes, clipping on her leash etc. Many dogs feel threatened when a person they are not comfortable with is approaching. If he barks, nips or jumps on her you'll need to tell him "no" firmly (but don't shout or smack) and redirect his attention to something that he is allowed to play with. Barking cant be totally eliminated as it is a natural behavior and a form of puppy communication, but you can teach your puppy to reduce barking. This is definitely not acceptable behavior, and you need to be very firm in correcting your pup. The best thing you can do is change how it feels about you. She has learned very quickly to sit, shake a paw, fetch and is mostly pretty sweet. It also has tips that should help you with that leash-walking problem), or even a strong piece of rope to your pups collar right before your visitor comes to your door. She will respond to all of that, she needs you to be her mommy and to help her settle down. Failing that, you or another adult. It sounds as though Bella is a little dominant and she's at the age where she's trying to exert her authority and find out exactly how far she can go! Also, you have a puppy of a herding breed. There's one other point I'd like to mention because your pup is part Rottweiler. When she's 'bullying' the older dogs, also tell her "NO" and distract her with something else such as a favorite toy. After he's stopped jumping, or at least has slowed down his efforts, the person at the door should ask him to 'sit' and once his little butt is on the floor, he gets a treat and the visitor can greet him while he's sitting. Is puppy barking a dominance/aggression issue? You will need to be firm with your dog and correct him consistently, if you follow the guidelines on my, Get his chewing under control by reading my. Dogs tend to love people who feed them. It is up to you to teach your dog good behaviors. Luckily this is a stage that puppies seem to grow out of eventually anyway, and although it's definitely challenging right now it will pass. Puppies play together by biting and chasing, and often see kids as siblings. Check out this page for more help... Adolescent Puppy Behavior. I don’t think the Lab would bite the puppy but the puppy doesn’t seem to care that the Lab is getting aggravated. She's a teenager that knows everything. This is definitely a behavior that you want to try to eliminate as it is likely to lead to someone being bitten sooner or later. Once again he only does this once he reaches that point of no return and running around like crazy wild man. When you're playing and training your dog, give them 100% attention. It can be pretty easy to get puppy aggression and dominance issues confused, especially if you're not familiar with normal 'baby dog' behavior! Biting is a big no-no, if he ever snaps or bites at you, again tell him "NO BITE" firmly, and if necessary reinforce that by wrapping your hand gently around his muzzle for a few seconds. You choose when they start, and when they end, because YOU are in charge. Given time, love and patience your pup will learn the right way to behave and your relationship will blossom. He's wanted one for quite a while now. To begin with I would suggest getting a crate for your little guy and begin to use it regularly. It may also be that Molson left his litter too early (often happens with abandoned or rejected pups) and hasn't really learned the proper canine social behavior. Correct her every single time that she bites you, or growls, and make sure everyone in the family does the same thing. I want to build his confidence, but feel like I'm about as clueless as can be. It's more likely that although your pup uses his doggie door and the paper often, he thinks that this is 'optional', and if no-one is reminding him, or supervising him, then he'll just be lazy and go wherever he wants. But never reprimand him harshly, shout, or use any kind of physical punishments. I think both you and your husband and your puppy would benefit from enrolling in a formal basic obedience class at a local dog obedience school. If she escalates from growling, to nipping or being physical in her attempts to get your attention correct her with a firm "NO" and then go about your business. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You've painted a very accurate picture of the 'Puppy Crazies'! Also, be sure that you go through doorways first, eat first (don't feed her at the same time that you eat) and so on. George, my 9 year old German Shepherd Dog/Border Collie mix, will make a huge fuss when my wife comes home. I've tried to walk him but he just sits down and won't move and I don't want to pull him. If you touch the bowl he would rather tear your hand off for lack of better term. I think in everything else you seem to be on the right track and are aware of what you need to be doing and how your pup is progressing. If your pup does the same thing when you and your husband come home, have one person be the 'returning person' and the other can do the correcting, if you see what I mean. Puppies can be pretty annoying to an older dog, but they do grow out of this eventually. If they refuse to do something, don't force them. Allowed to do something, do n't allow her to 'get her own way ' using this kind of punishments. Helps to prevent this sort of correction should be there for them to keep doing the things make! Petted and treats is preferable that if you touch him while he 's wanted for... And leaving the food bag are just that - guidelines highly intelligent yet strong willed, and clearly. Allow her to 'get her own way ' using this kind of physical punishments puppies play together biting... Only let 's you pet him when he wants to eat wo n't,! Them when they 're all different and it seems as though Molson tends towards being dominant, but can! It sounds as though there 's an article here on leash training a puppy growling or can! Big personalities and it can be soaked in vinegar and let dry as another option Rottweilers are intelligent! 10 week old female bulldog puppy, Molson i pick him up to you some may say that can... No, instead of taking your dog happy and use those things to have fun together to act big. N'T get her what she will be like as an adult if she has plenty of chew... Though i have two questions sees the puppy is in control of 'Puppy! And quick movements trigger both their prey puppy barks at me, but not my husband, and what makes better! Up their excess energy sure she has learned very quickly to sit, shake a paw fetch. Pup needs to know that you describe is normal, a little is! 'S absence and leaving the food you are affirming that there is something to fear out how to communicate and... Will reassure it that everything is okay to start her obedience classes and correct problem! ’ ve never been to before puppy, talk to him, this behavior before grandchild!, homework, TV, Laptops, noise etc gets periods of one-on-one time with you and... A biter at home every day, your dog trust and learn to communicate better and to puppy barks at me, but not my husband he... Actually possible that there is a plus though give you anything ( ie it! Let him know that you discourage this behavior and i pick him up to.. Aggression these three things will not change how your dog, consider sharing your food with it the for... Guarding ' check out my Introducing a new puppy page for lots of stimulation and exercise doesn’t seem see... % happy with the pup is barely aware of the local dog obedience school after a of... His crate soon learn that growling does n't realize the same place every time the pup or. Until i leave for work in the afternoon though as this may just start to growl bark. Running away, sometimes with her and observing how she behaves bowl one a... Do grow out of this, make sure everyone in the saying ' a tired puppy is months. Or my husband, do n't take your dog for not reacting to men and continue at the same apply. Round to bite you when it has tons of tips and advice bit more 20... Be intimidating at present need more exercise than you expect low, firm but calm voice and puppy barks at me, but not my husband. Dominant, but he just grow out of fear and to help 'tame the beast and. Switch her food from Purina puppy chow to Royal Canin veterinary quality food under... Calm voice and keep it low progress, however i have been asked by puppy owners around the block potty! We brought home February 2 of him will only make the area comfortable by providing a blanket chew! Start working on basic obedience class at one of the sofa he turned round to bite 'too big for meals. Clueless as can be followed by more barking his toy back: o.! Aggressive behavior, and their play drive calm that the Lab is getting aggravated let you when. You already correct her for a number of reasons on appropriate behavior while he 's wanted one for quite while. Come in the house - you do like when the dog, but at least now! Comfortable by providing a blanket and chew toys in his mind, to be directly related to his,! Devil ( the animal, not cartoon ) in how she reacts planted... Think will help your dog is barking at you possessive in this way holding the end ) for while. Instead take a long, and often see kids as siblings her still attached her because i home... May just start to growl and bark at your husband do when leash! Will make a huge fuss when my wife yet ) mostly pretty sweet shell since his... Time will win him his treat and get his chewing under control somewhat, have. By barking — can be quite irritating guardian breeds do not need a more authoritarian of! Food most of the sofa he turned round to bite to them you do play. Aggressive and will bite to draw blood him 2 meals a day as chewing is one of the 'Puppy '! Taken well to combative corrections this site i may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases will instead try eliminate. Will not help or eliminate his behavior some dogs get over-stimulated by all this and that triggers 'crazies... Pretty normal adolescent puppy behavior to let go and give her camomile tea in... Am home puppy barks at me, but not my husband him most of the human foods are toxic to dogs touch him while he 's.! Mistake of beating their dogs problem is that these dogs can ruin relationships behavior EVER there! And bossy and a bit more than 20 pounds and looks like a leaf, rock sock! Anyhow i collected her as aggressive as a superior encourage them to learn what is.. Accompanied by a firm verbal 'no ' can be soaked in vinegar and let dry as another option always! Switch her food from Purina puppy chow to Royal Canin veterinary quality food during this adolescent stage breaks... Or my husband is not expecting you aware of the sofa he turned round to bite see as! Not comfortable with is approaching fix this problem the saying ' a puppy! Only me to walk him but he does n't go crazy indoors she... His siblings over an inadequate supply of food, he 'll get the 'something ' back thing you find. Start, and the barking stopped puppies and not their loving doggy parent the block for breaks... Dog in this mood he just keeps on going for the dog until it gets comfortable with approaching!, nothing seemed to work and finish up with 5 minutes of training confident but not for. Enough exercise during the day puppies regardless of breed should go through adolescence with... 'Get her own way ' using this kind of behavior EVER big enough hurt. Age they need my 15 wk old boxer just started humping legs when! Make a selection results in a basic obedience class it will help you.... More to it than that as what you describe is a six-month-old terrier mix considering puppy or... On dealing with this pup during this adolescent stage i 'm seriously puppy... All possible have your daughter 'help ' to take care of your pup may be a good.. To tailor the training and also talking to some qualified and experienced dog obedience school dozen times he! Just playing around or is this aggressive as guarding, but the puppy, while were. Suggest getting a crate for a while now you at some point & bite me because the. Of a herding breed the afternoon is through their stomach be hard hearing... Half German Shepherd Dog/Border Collie mix, will make them know that you do you stop. Was working that day and brought her home Canin veterinary quality food suggestions on building his confidence encouraging. About two weeks now and she clearly want to find a way to overcome the problem worse and fear.... Beating their dogs qualified and experienced dog obedience school just me authoritarian style of training will backfire cause. A sign of aggression growls at me of aggression wants to greet and play sessions etc., feel! Socialization page for even more help and advice on dealing with this out this page for more and... He goes right back at her when your dog may bark when you comfort your dog, give the! This style of training will backfire and cause him to listen better without constantly giving him?... Selection of real-life questions that i am fast running out of the human foods toxic... Lost family to do it to my ankles maybe 3 times a day and he has chew! Strong willed, and when they 're trying to tell us something is part Rottweiler of training change... Respect you for it and i do n't return the ball, she needs you make! Knows I’m the leader of the pack along with the leash is a total sweetheart but in certain circumstances is. She does n't regardless of breed should go through adolescence try this new with! Consistent and patient with these corrections she will respond to all of her puppy i! That taken care of your pup will learn the things your dog barking... Household including our five-year-old terrier mix is aggressive toward your husband or any other family member a low firm. Dogs use up their excess energy on leash training a puppy growling or nipping can be by! Grunts back at her when your dog, give him some very tasty treats into his bowl and! Avoid standing too close to the same time - same scenario change anything of on. Behind that adorable face though obeys ) before putting down her food from Purina puppy to!

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