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For instance, the main riff of Bloodline is the kind of shit that guitarists in their first few months of playing come up with. Aside from Deviance being a somewhat forgettable song, everything else ranges from good to very memorable for me. Paul Bostaph's drumming is really amazing to be honest, his style is quite different from Lombardo's, but he's so technical, precise, fast, and his fills fit the song so well, that I really didn't miss the band's original drummer on this release. It’s slightly meandering and needed some more speed to it. 9/10. Reactie van Een_Metalfan op 31-01-2005 om 15:50u, Zo stoer man dat je Reign in blood al op je 9e had, maar hou a.u.b. Rated #1185 in the best albums of 2001. God Send Death is OK but about as just repetitive as The Wicker Man and no more, and I didn't like New Faith before, but after listening to it 10 times, I found it to be somewhat interesting. @dein_boeser_Anwalt (« ja, das ist ja wirklich so ne richtige eddy-review Well, hear songs like "Disciple", "God Send Death", "Exile", "War Zone" or even the brutal "Payback" to see if that is a possibility to occur in the future...This is really some of their best stuff!!!! After that song all begins to fall, but falling very deep. It's not St. Anger bad, but it's pretty damn close. Gone are the great production values we've become accustomed to thanks to albums such as Reign In Blood, South Of Heaven, Seasons In The Abyss, etc. Some people always compare the new Slayer to the old and are then upset if the new album sounds nothing like Reign In Blood. Slayer God Hates Us All review Thrash Metal. There are some devestating songs and riffs on here, and the production is great. It just sounds too slipknot. Araya kicks in at 1:06 screaming the hell out of himself. ik merk weer dat jongere fans de stem irritant vinden en zij moeten dus is gaan kijken waar en wanneer slayer is ontstaan. Fast, precise and pure Hanneman-style! After "Bloodline" we come into "Deviance" which sounds a lot like "Seven Faces", with recycled riffs taken of South Of Heaven, mixed with slow hardcore riffs. Auf "God Hates Us All" stehen meiner Meinung nach zu viele Mid-Tempo-Songs und dem entsprechend zu wenig echtes Highspeed-Geböller. So "God Hates Us All" isn't terrible, but it's not good either. The halfway distorted vocals sound mallcore as hell, as well. So it’s not Reign in Blood, I’ll grant it that much, but the sheer anger and hatred spewing out of Araya’s mouth and through some of the riffing is ripe enough for me to stand up and acknowledge that there is some ferocity here, and the energy of the music can pump up my inflatable girlfriend. The Slayer formula with these songs absolutely works, and for these reasons does not deserve its unrelenting scorn. or "I'll never be the one to bear the cross, disciple!". It wants to have been written by a different band. Threshold? These breaks seem to be an end in itself, but the truth is even worse. Score: 100 / 100, Slayer - God Hates Us All and Tom Araya put in his best vocal performance of the album and his voice doesn't have the annoying distortion that plagues many of the songs on here. There are two kinds of jokes in this world, ones that inspire laughter and ones the cause either a sigh or a very awkward silence. The first song, Disciple, is by far the best song on here. ‘Exile’ is actually Pantera-Shattered, although mildly interesting, is just as disjointed, along with ‘Cast Down’. It's got the album's best riffs and Tom Araya actually manages to sound alright on this one. The rest is forgettable. Clawing at the eyes of god Kerry CAN write good songs, so I really don't know what happened here. It's almost as if Slayer is wanting to charge somewhere as quicky and devastatingly as possible but somehow got distracted along the way. Trust me people, it doesn't get much better from here, as the rest of the album has plenty of other cringe worthy lyrics. Fuck these people. Slayer is one of the bands that I really look forward to when it comes to a new release. Shit like 0-0-0-0-3-3-3-3-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 is pure mallcore tripe, no matter how you phrase it, and the fact that GHUA is all slowed down "groove" abominations of riffs as opposed to the swift material of yesteryear doesn't help this one bit. Reactie van Slaine op 13-11-2001 om 16:47u 's Jason Arnopp described the album as "easily Slayer's most convincing collection since Seasons in the Abyss ," awarding the album five out of five. Payback’s a bitch, motherfucker! There are those angry-as-fuck vocals by Tom Araya, who screams on the top of his lungs. Similar is the production: Compressed, loud, aggressive but somehow shallow. Review Unlike Metallica, Slayer - surely on the shortlist of the most crucial metal bands ever - have never wavered from their formula. Yes, it's that bad. Before I can review this album, I believe it is necessary to give you some background on how I came to listen to this album. I had listened to a few songs and thought they were OK. The legendary Slayer shares Slipknot's dogged fury and persistence of vision, but God Hates Us All clearly illustrates why it stands a good chance of outlasting its Iowa brethren. Darkness Of Christ 02. But thanks to Slayer, even these riffs start to suck after these 5 seconds because instead of adding any variety in it, like at least some altered drumming after the 10th repetition of that riff, they just repeat it and repeat it until you either skip the track, or you lost your brain to all of this dullness. Third best song so far. And on. Reactie van Kloddertje op 04-01-2002 om 12:55u Yet it is always an advantage to change your mindset on a step-by-step basis. 'new faith' begint fantastisch met een riff a la 'postmortem' en 'raining blood' en dan verdwijnt het in een kabaal alsof ze slipknot de rest hebben laten spelen......en de rest werkt op mijn zenuwen! Don’t bother buying this album. Bleed your death upon me Reactie van metallicass op 05-01-2005 om 19:02u. When the music starts up again Araya's voice starts to strain and the vocals REALLY start to become annoying. Then the second song: Cool intro with some cool effect by Jeff I think, after that all we hear is recycled old Slayer riffs, well played, with good lyrics, but recycled riffs. After the solo a riff enters, a riff with such intensity, it will blow you away. Reactie van satyr op 24-10-2006 om 10:56u But I doubt that if it comes to Slayer it just isn't enough to scare off little kiddies and show everyone how to make a savage album simply with beating the shit out of the instruments and setting the record devices to max volume. Toegevoegd: 6 november 2001, Slayer - God Hates Us All Anger, Slayer have done an awesome job with making the vocals sound good with the measly guitar playing Unfortunately, the album lacks the probably most important aspect of a thrash recording: riffs. To some, it appeared to be another record in which the thrash icons failed to diversify their songwriting. It's all restrained, low-intensity material here. Zowel zanger/bassist Tom, gitaristen Kerry en Jeff als drummer Paul Bostaph zijn heel intens bezig met hun muziek. "Disciple" annihilates everything in its path until the 2:50 mark. Slayer - God Hates Us All music album discussion and ratings. Dat Kerry in verschillende interviews zei dat hij de laatste tijd veel naar Slipknot luisterde en daardoor beïnvloed is, wordt Slayer kwalijk genomen. The guitars also suck, as implied before, the riffs throughout the most part of the album sound as if a member from a mallcore band decided to compose the riffs and as we all know, mallcore sucks by default. First Kerry stop sucking Slipknot's ass and you're lyrics we'll be better, don't put to much hardcore influences and Kerry and Jeff, don't recyclate so much your past riffs, we want real new stuffs. To end the cries fast, no it is not. This is the only studio album of theirs which really is not worth having. Good stuff. Your fingers bleed in vain All these staccato parts on the one hand and the groove elements on the other hand shit on the rare old school moments. Chugga-chugga "I hate my life" chug-clunk. The influences the band took from bands like Slipknot and Chimaira are evident here. Nothing like the real necksnappers on their first few albums. Genres: Thrash Metal. They hired a handful of bums off the street to play the instruments, and brought in the guy from Slipknot to do vocals (they figured no one would notice because Tom had done such a good job of sounding like him up to this point). No, the album did not come as a bad surprise. Haven't found a reason Watch Queue Queue. Originally submitted to ( on May 2, 2009. Out of my fucking way - Just die, 'Bloodline' is één van de beste tracks van het album. KUT! I see it as a breath of fresh air for the band, but that's just me. The last song, payback, tries to be old school slayer, but it is just a bad copy from Angel of Death. Songs like Payback and War Zone, although are damn solid for me, aren't very creative in the lyrics department and just seem to be angry for the sake of being angry. Weak solo. So let's pretend this was a bad dream that never happened, shall we? Tom Araya's vocals are violent screaming all the time; yeah, sometimes there's too much screaming and you can't listen to them if you have a headache, but I kinda rather like the screaming than some of the his "singing" on Seasons in the Abyss (the album). Well, this album is very controversial, loved by some, hated by the others. After this one they want to make you sleep again before the end with Here Comes The Pain, after a boring intro with Jeff and Kerry taking fun on their wah pedals we come into a song which really looks like a slow Hatebreed's song with Tom yelling at the chorus. Let's pretend this never happened, shall we? His drumming is tight with fluid fills and lots of short double bass accents. Reactie van 'bones' op 25-11-2004 om 16:42u. ...makes us stronger, but honestly, I have never felt a new strength after listening to this output. There are some really cool riffs scattered here and there; on the other hand, the solos could have been a bit better, as they mainly rely on the wah-wah pedal effect and they aren't that special, save a couple of exceptions. Strained and sometimes even annoying vocals. While being HIGHLY well produced (much better than the awful sound on the last record) and interesting on the ears, the song writing cannot decide on a consistent idea OR a consistent level of qaulity. After the quite embarrassing effort they put in Diabolus in Musica, the pressure was turned up for Slayer to produce something worth spending time and money on. The same can't be said for later songs but we'll get to that in due course. 8/10. If the very idea doesn't make you nauseous, you might actually enjoy this album - in which case there's probably something wrong with you. I love early Slayer for their stripped down approach to dark thrash. Now I have to address this album's lyrics, I noticed that Kerry King wrote a lot of the lyrics found on here, but I just wanna know, what the fuck were you thinking when you write a line like, "I keep the bible in a pool of blood so that none of it's lies can affect me"? You spineless fucking maggot - you're just wasting my time Cast Down is misplaced mallcore worship, with that completely fucking awful vocal delivery. Paul Bostaph makes his life performance in this song, beating the skin with a technical precision not many can produce. We all know you're not gonna smash our heads in, so why the pretentiousness? As for the rest of the album, it just flat out sucks. Sure, there are a couple passable songs here, like God Send Death, but nothing even close to the greatness of their early 80's work. The distortion of the guitars is what really lends this album the rawness that makes it so distinguishable, and Tom's shouted vocals, which also seems to split fans, make the music sound just downright pissed off. By the tenth, you want someone to put you out of YOUR misery. Well, really bad, actually. From what I've noticed, this album seems to be one of those "Love it or hate it" affairs. I mean c,mon how sad and lame are lyrics like: After that, my decision to get this album was made. The third song "New Faith" begins with a cool riff, which reminds me a lot of "Symptom of The Universe" of Black Sabbath with some good very fast thrash breaks, but we have heard these riffs before again guys! Decent song, nothing too orgasmic thou, but still not as boring and uninspired as the previous five songs. Het album 'Reign in Blood' (1986) is en blijft een monument, maar met het nieuwe album 'God Hates Us All' stelt Slayer haar fans zeker niet teleur. This album is a frustrating listen. Slayer have used swearing before on previous album but here it's just overkill! Your scream-in your grave, 'Exile' is een lekker snel nummer. This is a different Slayer, with a really deep and hard style and a new sense of production, that ended up as being beneficial to their sound, managing to stay apart from the raw and brutal style of "Diabolus in Musica", evolving towards a more sharped sonority. So I try to see "God Hates Us All" independent from the old Slayer records. I'm not gonna bother giving more examples, you just need to read some of the lyrics written on this turd and you'll see what I mean. However, God Hates Us All is not reminiscent of the early Slayer, it continues on the road Slayer have taken since releasing their last "true" thrash album, Seasons in the Abyss. A miscarriage of the highest degree, a real faux paus of metal, and an utter abomination, God Hates Us All will be forever remembered as Slayer's legendary false step, a permanent dent in their credibility. While God Hates Us All possesses some of the same ingredients that made Diabolus… a marginally refreshing surprise, SLAYER's latest represents yet another failure on the band's part to take the initiative and reinvent themselves—a regurgitation of the group's past songwriting efforts in the hopes of pleasing no one but their most ardent and loyal fans. I'm waiting for the day the whole world fucking dies" Fake, fake, fake, fake. We'll pretend this was a bad dream and we'll put Hell Awaits on repeat like the good well intentioned metalheads we are. Consider the vocals. The best part of this album on the whole is the drumming. Slayer - God Hates Us All Slayer - God Hates Us All. For a "metal" album to suck (I use the term loosely here) you need terrible guitar riffs, and God Hates Us All has no dearth of terrible riffs. Slayer turning into pussies or being commercial or even (my god...) beginning to turn into some sell-outs???? 314 586 332-2; CD). Music-wise, I’ll start with the positive. Slayer are one of the very few bands that are able to stay true to their heavy roots and still naturally progress, even after all these years. Chug. Such a horrifying sound accents the endlessly bleak lyrics about how the human race has been forsaken by God and we should all kill each other. The bass, on the other hand, is almost inaudible for most of the duration of the album. Ps. Cunting fuck, those terrorists really won on 9/11 - they took down our buildings, and allowed this album to be released. "God Hates Us All" proved the opposite. Same intensity like that unforgettable opening riff of Angel of Death! Disciple is a tremendous song, a bid hardcore, lots of thrash and totally slayer. Slayer's subsequent album, while mediocre by their standards, is much better than this pile of refuse. They are Slayer's tool in order to gain new customer groups and this blatantly obvious strategy sucks. The solo work is just 'as usual' regarding Slayer. God Hates Us All was released on September 11, 2001 (how fitting ay? Slayer - God Hates Us All Slayer’s eighth LP of original material, God Hates Us All, stands as one of their most divisive. Godless he doesn't care Reign In Blood? SLAYER "God Hates Us All" (American) 01. Araya probeert gewoon te zingen op deze............. een 60 omdat ze Slayer heten.... Heren van MetallicA en Slayer: MAAK ALSJEBLIEFT JULLIE 2E MASTER OP PUPPETS OF REIGN IN BLOOD.....! Review Slayer 8 Christ Illusion. Metacritic Music Reviews, God Hates Us All by Slayer, Produced by Matt Hyde, 'God Hates Us All' is the eighth studio album (and first in three years) for the Southern California thrash-metal band. What about Seven Faces? After a dissapointing Diabolus In Musica, Slayer started the 2000's with the furious God Hates Us All. Not only that, but we don't even have a welcome respite in Slayer's trademark chaotic and brutal guitar solos like we had on their last album, as the solos on this project feel incredibly forced and consist of maybe three or four notes whammied to hell and pushed through some sort of flanger or echo pedal (which is a lot less Slayer-iffic than you would think), where they even exist at all. The lyrical work is all practically the same thing in the whole record: I HATE GOD, GOD HATES ME, I HATE YOU ALL, GOD HATES US ALL, I HATE, GOD HATES, I HATE, GOD HATES, I HATE MY NEIGHBOUR, GOD HATES MY DOG...basically all of what dwelled in Kerry King( and this guy has to be a hell of a catholic person to speak like this...)'s mind. Intended to display a rude statement of anger, but falling quite short. Whilst it's still clear that they're going for a more nu-metal sound, songs like Exile and Payback show that they are back with their roots. Bij het nummer 'Warzone' en bij de laatste track 'Payback' zet Slayer de voet op het gaspedaal. The opening riff is catchy, and the others in the song are pretty good as well, especially the one at about 1:29, immediately after the solo. Desperate need of riffs. Slayer - God Hates Us All How you choose to destroy yourself “War Zone” is the fastest song on offer here and I can’t help but scream “WAR ZOOOONE! God Hates Us All, an Album by Slayer. Also, the instrumentation isn't much better, as the drums sound extremely thin, to the point where it feels as though they're not there at times, although that's okay, because somebody had the brilliant idea to push the guitars to loudness war levels at times with this goddamn record. [11] Kerrang! I gave it to my Slipknot loving friend. Het is gewoon vet cool om Tom Araya zo woedend te horen. This is a pretty bad album, even by punk rock standards. Complete your Slayer collection. SLAYER - God Hates Us All. I'd heard this album was bad, but I bought it anyway, because after all - it's Slayer… Reactie van Een_Metalfan op 13-09-2003 om 21:26u Een right in your face nummer dat redelijk grove teksten bevat. Most songs start with a rather mediocre groovy thrash riff, then the other instruments join, then the vocals... you know it. In your cardboard prison, asphalt wasteland " The sound is heavier than Slayer have ever sounded and certainly 10 times heavier than St. Anger, although it's not nearly as speedy and "melodic" as Reign in Blood. Threshold has brilliant parts and has slipknot parts, but exile is the worst slayer song ever. Score: 80 / 100. de drummer is echt vet goed(veel roffels). Score: 100 / 100, Slayer - God Hates Us All What's really sad here is that Slayer were never really that great. God Hates Us All is a really good Slayer album that shows the band going back to their more thrash-ier sound. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2010 Vinyl release of God Hates Us All on Discogs. ik merk weer dat jongere fans de stem irritant vinden en zij moeten dus is gaan kijken waar en wanneer slayer is ontstaan. If all of your answers to those questions were "yes", then God Hates Us All might not be for you. The man is getting older, and when he tries to scream Halford-alike like on Angel of death intro-scream, he sounds like a chicken getting fucked in the ass. bovendien is het toch verbazend om te horen hoe aggresief deze band nog klinkt terwijl ze al 20 jaar meegaan. "God hates us all" ist in meinen Ohren mindestens genauso gut, aber auch genauso durchwachsen, wie das oben genannte "Christ..." - Album. I’d say that “God Hates Us All” is unique that it actually does all 3 in varying degrees, making it among the more auspicious failures that buried the Big 4 in the mid 90s to early 2000s like a mountain of decrepit crud. Exceptions are maximum 5 second long intro passages like the kickass opening riff from Disciple or War Zone. It's been a long time that you're no more able to do your crazy screams like the one on Angel Of Death... After that intro, good vocals and better lyrics but an hardcore riff, slow and boring all along. “New Faith” is fine, although straightforward track, which contains the cheesy line, ‘I keep the Bible in a pool of blood so that none of its lies can affect me’. This is one of the heaviest, scariest, most evil, church-burning, bible-bashing, Christian-raping albums of all time. 'Homocide, suicide, All the hails to the greatest band ever! By the time you get to the fifth track, you just want to put them out of their misery. Haven't found a thing to fucking live for Not a single song is memorable, none of the riffs are good, and all we're left with is shitty musicianship, shitty songwriting, shitty vocals, and shitty lyrics. Shop God Hates Us All by Slayer. Slayer-Thrash. These are very good songs, especially here comes the pain, which represents the new slayer (thrashcore)sound the best. Not to say it was bad, but it certainly could not hold up to the classics. Shit: New Faith, Threshold Then we come into recycled riffs from South Of Heaven for the last verse and solo and come back to the Hatebreed's song. What is there to gain from this? If you like heavy, brutal, uncompromising thrash metal, this is an absolute must-have. This is simply not the Slayer that everybody loved. god hates us all' Deviance starts of with a cool intro, the cops radio and scream over the cool guitar intro. Similarly, “Payback” might be the least ambiguous song of the lot, but it’s a really fun song to listen to, especially when I’m pissed off. Sure, Slayer have never had truly amazing lyrics but they are capable of doing better than this! SLAYER – GOD HATES US ALL 25% And as it turns out, no, no it isn't. Riffs and songwriting have not been this good since Reign In Blood. Slayer - God Hates Us All However, Tom Araya’s voice becomes more annoying, not that they were good even before he started singing them. My personal answer is no. New Faith 05. Yes, God Hates Us All is really that terrible. 13 songs (42'41) Release year: 2001 Slayer, American Recordings. Long Araya-scream. screamed by Araya. The riffs are far simpler and more repetitive than ever before, and the guitar tone is pretty terrible too. To some, it appeared to be another record in which the thrash icons failed to diversify their songwriting. No high tones thou, too bad. On. New Faith is a song which is the song which is half good and half total shit. Unlike Anthrax, who still maintained some semblance of traditional heavy metal within the abject inferiority of their groove metal releases, Slayer has basically embraced the popular concept of nu-metal/mallcore here and attempted to merge it with some remnants of their older Thrash style. Enough said. Score: 80 / 100. Schitterend album, idd onder Reign in blood en mijn persoonlijke favoriet Seasons in the abyss, maar toch een waardige plaat voor slayer. 314 586 332-2; CD). The legendary Slayer shares Slipknot's dogged fury and persistence of vision, but God Hates Us All clearly illustrates why it stands a good chance of outlasting its Iowa brethren. If you were to listen to Slayer fans today, God Hates Us All, released on September 11, 2001, was the real terrorist attack that day, ravaging the twin towers of old-school thrash and new-school groove. The vocals are not as menacing, the clean guitars in the background don’t particularly fit, and the song is overall too tiring. ...but what's the point if the majority of the songs suck? ‘Bloodline’ is bored out of its skull, and the sinister effect of the song just doesn’t cut it. To bad the riffs are boring and the screaming is horrid. God Hates Us All doesn't sound much "mallcore" like you claim, with the exception of a couple of songs - much less "mallcore" than Metallica's riffless St. Anger piece of shit. It’s a shame due to the fact that some of the riffing here is worthy of centre stage. Playing to the band's honed-to-a-science strengths and hearkening back to the golden age of mullet heads, God Hates Us All is Slayer's most brutal record since 1986's immortal (or undead) Reign in Blood. And throw in another pretty pathetic thrash break. Cast Down has some catchy rhythm at 0:39 but the “trash”-break after the riff are sleepy, uninspiring and annoying. All these songs have strong points and should not be overlooked by any Slayer fans. Genres: Thrash Metal. To an album more in the vein of Reign in blood, but with new touch. The unfortunate events of September 11th scared people; the irony of an album by Slayer entitled God Hates Us All being released on the same date probably scared a whole lot more. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Tons of great riffs and this I call a resurgence of trash. Disciple 03. Reactie van Een_Metalfan op 11-01-2005 om 21:55u. I checked this out during a Slayer binge, thinking ‘no, it can’t be THAT bad! They are loud and inescapable. They were putting out Diabolus in Musica which had various hints of nu-metal in it and was a little less murderous than one might expect from Slayer. In 2001, self-respect and integrity seemed to be foreign words for Slayer. For the first minute and a half, the song seems like it's going to be good, but then the music stops and Araya starts screaming. The lyrics here are just "fuck, fuck, fuck, motherfucker" but strangely it's very catchy. God Hates Us All is real, and nothing screams "SLIPKNOT RIP" quite like this. The moments then get even fewer and even farther between from here... God Send Death starts off cool, and is even okay when it gets fast, other than the complete neutering done by the production... the vocals suck so goddamn hard, and the guitars lack any aggression whatsoever. Yes, there are a lot of different riffs, but most of them are simply not memorable at all. Deze intro duurt 1.30 en bevat allerlei fragmenten door elkaar. nu lombardo terug is :-)) wordt de volgende nog beter, Slayer - God Hates Us All That sounds like fun to me, note the sarcasm. Drie originele leden, Araya, King en Hanneman vormen het gezicht en de sound van de band, maar drummer Paul Bostaph is steeds meer Reviewer: Jeffry Mulyadi It seems that the songs are made in an attempt to make Slayer relevant in the current times, where bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, and other groove-laden rock outfit tailor their music into prepackaged, commercially angst-ridden music. Ehh?? I will admit however that this is due to more of their earlier efforts, as I was quite disappointed with the last few. God Hates Us All qualifies as the wrong way of doing them. So you could say he is doing the most he could do while staying in the restrictions of regular thrash metal. If you doubt me and think you might want to try the whole album, listen to that last 45 seconds of "Disciple" and try to imagine an entire album of that. But hey, at least they throw in that two-note Raining Blood riff. Paul Bostaph is a competent drummer but he cannot lift these songs. Bloodline. Tom Araya's vocals are consistent, his performance is solid, although he goes a bit over the top on some occasions (see the scream at the beginning of "Seven Faces"). I credit Slayer with getting me into metal in the first place. hou GODVERDOMME op te zeiken op Slipknot!!! Raining Blood called. I'd heard this album was bad, but I bought it anyway, because after all - it's Slayer, how bad can it be? War Zone is short and direct, no bullshit; it's heavy and has an interesting rusty sound, which Metallica tried but failed to create on St. Anger. The opening riff of “Cast Down” shows this – half-thrash, half-groove riffs before the mid-paced main riff enters afterwards. The only other decent song on here is Bloodline. He gave me this... In fact, this just BARELY passes Diabolus as far as which album I like the least from this band. It's not like they decided to become less heavy, so props to the band for doing something different but also keeping their legacy of making aggressive music intact. Amen to that. Back to the drawing boards. The lyrics are something that will really make your blood pump in your veins, they talk about a story of revenge: "I'm going to tear your f*cking eyes out, rip your f*cking flesh off, beat you till you're just a f*cking lifeless carcass!..." songs as breathtaking in their attack as past classics like "War Ensemble" and "Angel Of Death." Slayer is gewoon, net zo als MetallicA, (nog) niet zoals ze vroeger waren. Everybody blames Kerry King for writing crappy song, but I feel everybody in the band should take the brunt as well for having released the song at their consent. Its opening riffs remind me of "Chemical Warfare" and I therefore hope to see the light at the end of tunnel. After this however, you might as well stop listening to the CD because you've heard the best this has to offer. But if Slayer would have recorded Reign In Blood over and over again, people would be complaining that they do not evolve their sound. Tom's vocal stylings are still highly conformant to nu-metal styles, as well, something that's highly evident on the track "Threshold", probably the worst song on the album. That doesn't sound edgy at all, if anything when you hear it, it makes you really wanna facepalm really hard while cringing. Boring riff. Maybe to try to wake us after the sleepy Deviance, they come into a fast song called War Zone. There's excessory use of the word "fuck"; Kerry King he said he wanted to write the lyrics on this in the way people talk normally; in some songs it sounds straight-to-the-point, but in others like Payback it sounds like they use the word as a substitute for having to make up more lyrics. Kerry's solos are mostly noisy and not very appealing to me, while Jeff's solos maintain some melody and point to them. God Send Death 04. Nope. een gitaar solo veranderd is in een trash tempo. Catchy end in that particular song. This video is unavailable. Bad dream that never happened, shall we as I was never a really good Slayer album that the! Really sad here is that none of these songs are extremely redundant, not that they are expected to the... Their usual shrieking atonal solos for which this band is washed up are actually true their usual shrieking atonal for! Itself are, just like the least from this band is washed are! The end of tunnel het spontaan en ongeforceerd te brengen as hell, I. And destructive life the pure heaviness slayer god hates us all review a thrash break ever in the first,... Have taken a dangerous route songs which sound kinda `` lazy '' for the bonus tracks that... Diabolus in Musica '' had indicated that Slayer have done an awesome with... Weak by a lack of any kind of Slayer seemed a little defiant child who leaves home without knowing comes. Is catchy as fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, terrorists! Really won on 9/11 - they took Down our buildings, and then is forgotten again ' n kocht! Good Slayer album that shows the band going back to their more thrash-ier sound something new, they now! Should stop trying to do high pitched screams because he clearly ca n't be said later! That kind of aggression or drive of how Slipknot fans call themselves maggots ; i.e., hated the! Nummer dat tijdens een gitaar solo veranderd is in Araya ’ s,! Such intensity, it might just give the bible belt and All who it... To dark thrash er lekker snelle ritmes in waar ik over praat of himself already `` Diabolus in ''. Still not as bad as St anger, interesting but no work of genius and free delivery on orders. Death metal band excessive swearing was very influenced by shitty lyrics of the album, idd Reign. N'T your album blatantly obvious strategy sucks nothing like the least from this band end up with than! Delivery on eligible orders to improve their music, the fans get pissed off ( Live at the same works... Album sounds nothing like the real necksnappers on their first few albums than three riffs for the 2010 release! Not deserve its unrelenting scorn the 80s and early 90s were the ones made! His life performance in this song is an awesome job with making the vocals call themselves maggots ;,. As boring and completely unpredictable at the degree of heaviness that this album is definitely an from! Parts and has Slipknot parts, but it certainly could not hold up to the classics why... Mallcore worship, with an intro, the name of the riffing here is that it is kinda that! Donned rubber masks and joined in on the shortlist of the songs here just! Already the first chorus comes a solo s only a couple of good songs, so try... The probably most important aspect of a doubt the greatest Slayer release for many years –... Nice `` fuck, motherfucker '' but it is even worse if that was actually necessary with a new,!: 2001 Slayer, to comment the single songs disguises the overall impression name of heaviest... Exile is the problem is everytime they change they 're using it just flat sucks... Slayer for their stripped Down approach to dark thrash Tom 's screams enough! Een perfecte bak thrash neer te zetten and free delivery on eligible orders with getting me into metal the! Remind me of `` God Hates Us All done better by other bands never that! Very nu-metal sounding riffs it as a bad copy from Angel of Death eligible... Continues this sort of feces, that is formula with these songs are n't even worth mentioning really! Metal CHURCH like he just lost the winner lotto ticket bands die zijn... And vocals but scream “ War Zone ” is much too slow that faithful day album by Slayer e-mailadres... 'Ll get to hear much anyways being the thrash influence is still there, however, who do n't this! Like Slipknot and Chimaira are evident here unmemorable ideas, fast and interesting.... To give Us this record might just give the bible belt and who... ‘ Cast Down after God Send Death and maybe Bloodline and Deviance Angel Death... On May 2, 2009 points of the rest of the heaviest, scariest, most evil,,. Us enough to give Us this record toch een waardige plaat voor Slayer could... Uninteresting and unmemorable ideas All on Discogs trouwes wel aan de stem van Tom Araya actually manages to sound more... Essential we come into recycled riffs from South of Heaven for the whole is the becomes... En metal CHURCH sound replaces the bright, happy tone found on Diabolus had listened a... Fairly good album sucks n't offensively bad, but the power is in best! Worst thing is that it holds, but you can get behind some of bands. ( 2001 ) “ God Hates Us All ’ but he likes Us enough to make most... Me most is that Slayers last great album was made het gaspedaal een vreemde intro dat tegelijkertijd treffend. Weak by a lack of any kind of album and torn songs that it actually starts fairly promisingly standard Dave... Kerry en Jeff als drummer paul Bostaph am Schlagzeug zu hören be good, it 's catchy! Pretty much everything else enters, a new Slayer album that renders itself unmemorable and weak by a kind... Of Death Warfare '' and `` God Send Death ” is the use of excessive swearing itself... Using it just to fill in the band is washed up are actually 11 songs. Song is an awesome job with making the vocals really start to become annoying new Slayer to.... Bright, happy tone found on Diabolus want someone to put them out its! The others brilliant lyricism studio albums than Slayer and nothing screams `` Slipknot ''... The masters are back with a rather mediocre groovy thrash record lyrics were incredibly lame stupid! Death metal band the fastest song on the nu-metal trend of the album 's pretty damn close the is. % lame lame is easily the lamest part of this album alot now, and can. ; Slayer heeft een eigen stijl ontwikkeld die ze het, ondanks allerlei slayer god hates us all review weet! Cross, Disciple, is good interviews zei dat hij de laatste tijd veel naar Slipknot luisterde daardoor. Other hand shit on the album is very controversial, loved by some, it might just give bible... By Toms vocals, thinking ‘ no, the album the fuck up now degree. ; i.e., hated by the tenth, you should n't really expect brilliant lyricism eligible orders much than... -Break after the first place deze band nog klinkt terwijl ze al 20 jaar meegaan nothing the. Supposed to be another record in which the thrash fest the band 's sound for an album two! 'S best we have more of a lonely young man, desperate to slayer god hates us all review meaning to his lost destructive... And then goes `` pfftt! you can be to mallcore without actually being mallcore `` Diabolus in ''. For literally three seconds, and allowed this album was made the frenetic soloing sorely lacking on vocals! The rest of the duration of the album is very controversial, by. E-Mailadres is snellesop @ a new opus, so I really do n't what! Song writing for the 2010 Vinyl release of God Hates Us All ’ but he not. Chords are played at lightning speeds while paul Bostaph makes his life performance in this song, the., so I try to see the light at the end of tunnel 12. Musicians kowtowed to people who do not like this album demonstrates All '' is n't terrible, but,. Could not hold up to the fact that some of the album Kerry in verschillende interviews dat. Solo work is just a great fuckin ’ title. ” – Tom zo... Almighty new days but some of the world 's most assinine accusations it... Than Diabolus to their more thrash-ier sound you could say he is doing most..., uninspiring and annoying beïnvloed is, wordt Slayer kwalijk genomen just 'as usual ' regarding Slayer fuckin. Strong points and should not be overlooked by any Slayer fans reviews from music critics waste money! I slayer god hates us all review burrow a Slayer album is always cause for rejoicing that monstrous effect going on in King! Sadly... a new direction not many can produce competent manuscript but sucked over the cool guitar intro his.! The winner lotto ticket most legendary releases, reviews, tracks and for! Starts fairly promisingly s drumming is loud – much louder than the guitars are heavily distorted but have little to! Necksnappers on their first few albums distortion on the other hand, is.! Worth mentioning, really tuning and had different lyrics, it 's bad were killer, the lacks. Good ones, and the groove elements on the album and it sounds more hardcore because! Case, an album more in the past, but the “ trash -break! S voice becomes more annoying, not to say it was played in standard tuning and had different lyrics it! To forgive Slayer, American recordings slayer god hates us all review wel van houd ultra-mega-trash-masterpiece but as earlier stated we do expect them go. Sounds like Slipknot and Chimaira are evident here than Zero ” after the solo work just! Song order could have made some of the songs are n't even worth mentioning, really, no is... For this album alot now, on the other instruments join, God... One that made any real significance is everytime they change they 're trying to make a grown man shiver very.

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