whippet pit lab mix

She is 2 now and looks like a chocolate Lab only half the size (45 lbs) of a typical lab. We couldn't ask for a better dog! She is 12yrs old and the most gentle girl. He was the same Jake I remember and his mood has definitely improved.I love my dog. Continuing to breed dogs with known health issues always result in more dogs with health issues. For 13 years we were the proud parents of a Lab/Malamute rescue, named Jazzy. Such a sweet, loving and loyal companion. Use them absolutely free and share our website with your friends! We were told at the shelter that she is a labrador mix and have been trying to figure out the other part ever since. She uses both sight and nose and fetches faster and better than any dog I have ever seen, jumping and twisting in her retrievals of the launched toy tirelessly. They are big and sturdy. Karma got a new sister in October 2009 and I got karma January 2009. Even now at 5 or 6, she only stands about 18 or 19" at the shoulder, but her build is more like that of a lab, so she's around 60 lbs (with only a modest amount of fat).We think she was separated from her mom a bit too early, because she was very anxious and whiny for the first several weeks we had her. Blues is smart and sneaky, and loves to destroy things made of fabric. Do you think she could be a whippet mix? We found her in January 2010 as a stray running around in the freezing cold rain. They also frequently share a bed or a pillow, depending on who got there first. They are found out. Please enter the word that you see below. Hi I have adopted a whipador and he is neutered and 8 years old. Now shes is an essential part of our family, one of our 4 legged children! She recently took a liking to a pharaoh hound mix we met at the dog park. Like many of the Whippet mixes listed above, the Whippet Pit mix’s coat could come in a number of colors. Echo is our Black Whippet/Labrador mix (hence Whipador). They are big and sturdy. We have a whippet/yellow lab mix with great traits of both breeds and a permanent smile. She is 10 years old, such a friendly, gentle girl it took a little while for her to stop looking in every large tray-truck or car with V8 motor which I assume her previous owners had, but at last she settled in. American Pit Bull Terrier Whippet Mixes A.K.A. We love Rebecca very much but I am a dog guy so it was time for my next fur baby. Thanks for reading! Before we dive too deeply into the Whippet cross Labrador’s physical characteristics, though, let’s find out more about his heritage. Her behavior around other dogs is timid unless there's a lot of distance between them. The Whippet Lab Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Whippet and the Labrador Retriever. Whippet Mix: Marley. This crossing created the ever-popular Labrador, which made its way to the United States. What a delightful "breed". I knew instantly that she was the one! Do you have a whippety question? Please fill out the form below to contact us about surrendering your non-OTAT PDX dog. She loves to run, jump,play fetch, and lick. Our previous dog, a Lab, had much less concern about her personal grooming. Be aware of the market rate price for Lab Husky mix puppies in your area. Whippets don't shed much, but Labradors do, so the mixed dogs usually shed moderately. Some are surrendered by owners who cannot care for them anymore. We had a DNA test done just for fun of it. She loves shredding Spanish moss, as if to demonstrate exactly how she’d finish off a squirrel given the chance. I got my puppy around 5-6 years ago from a rescue service that takes dogs from high-kill shelters; I believe she came from Georgia.She was described as a black lab/German shepherd mix, but even from her actual puppy pictures there was a distinct absence of shepherd qualities. Wolf Tucker 520,701 views. Here you can find 15 amazing images on Whippet breeders theme and download them without registration. Speaking of crating, a Whippet Labrador mix may have an issue with being left alone for extended periods of time, as Labs do not like solitude. Likes kids and other animals, very loyal, hardly ever barks and only growls when she hears a noise at night. Sighthounds are a centuries-old group of dogs that have been developed to pursue prey using their eyes more so than their noses. Jake came to us from a rescue in Southern California called half-way to home. Help your whippet become a perfect companion. I would love to have another one. Enter here your query or keyword. Bullmastiff shar pei mix dogs are basically the chinese dogs which can be characterized by their wrinkled skin. 0 7 70. Whippet information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Whippets and dog breed mixes. We do have to watch Dazey because sometimes her instinct to chase gets the best of her and the two go flying through the house but Rebecca many times will instigate the play time. It would be a good idea to do some crate training with a Whipador in case they will need to be put up for any amount of time during the day. He loved frosty paws a dog ice cream made from soy, he especially loved strawberry ice cream in a cone or cup from.I remember once feeding part of my peanut butter power bar as we were crossing the aurora bridge one Sunday morning and as we got to Dick's drive-in on 45th. Discover the truth about the gorgeous. Log In Sign Up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in. I think he's half lab, half whippet, thus you have Whip ra dor. Simply click here to return to Whippet Mix Pictures. She weighs under forty pounds, heels, stays down under our dining room table during meals, barks rarely, sleeps in her open door crate and provides excellent companionship. Miss molly is. A subreddit for discussing the inherent dangers of pit bulls, exposing the … Press J to jump to the feed. Log in sign up. Devo had other names: deviant because he loved meeting pit bulls and could not understand why they did not find him worth meeting.He loved riding head out the window and smelling the pine tree in my little orange honda. I am sure there is a "whippador" somewhere just waiting for you! Meist sind es Mixe mit anderen Windhunden. She often stretches out flat on the floor on her belly with her back legs out behind her and sometimes sleeps on her back with her legs in the air like a dead bug. She is very strong willed and will often communicate her desires by shoving her muzzle into my leg. I think he's half lab, half whippet, thus you have Whip ra dor. Attached are 2 photos of her. A Lab Whippet mix may have the Labrador’s double-coat, which sheds heavily during peak shedding season, or it may have the Whippet’s short and smooth coat, which only sheds occasionally. The American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the Labrador retriever as a member of its sporting group in 1917. A Whipador is a mutt that is achieved by crossing a purebred Labrador retriever with a purebred Whippet, a Greyhound-lookalike. They get on well together, and walk side by side when we go for our morning outings.Meghan, the 10yr old, loves her food, but Mia the 12 yr old took a little longer to get used to her food, although she is good now, she is still very choosy about what she eats but will now eat cooked veggies with her food.They love to come in the bedroom in the mornings and have a race to see which one can get closest to my face!!! I named her Pip.As she started to grow she got some brindling on her lower legs and paws that led us to think that maybe she was part shepherd, but as she grew we noticed that 1) the brindling wasn't cropping up anywhere else and 2) that she was growing to be a medium-small dog. Since Whippets and Pitbulls come in a wide range of colors such as tan, brindle, brown, white, fawn, blue and black, your Pitwhip’s coat could be one of these hues. It takes her about 4 times to learn a trick, then about 2 weeks to master it. They sound like a nice dog. Good manners and some training will be important, as this dog will want to chase after small animals, what with its retrieving and sighthound lineage. Surgery takes place in a cold and sterilized environment. We have a three year old and love her personality—she loves her family and select friends but is not trusted around children. It's divided in 3 short chapters that cover: finding a puppy, shopping list, choosing a puppy and first days at home. by Nikki She is great with kids, extremely smart, loving, and attached to me at all times when I am home. I personally wouldn’t have one. His coat was that of a yellow lab with the traditional white chest and paws you see with a lot Lab Pit Mixes. Likes kids and other animals, very loyal, hardly ever barks and only growls when was! This hunting instinct may not be used for anesthesia in Whippets and dog breed they can be sensitive to climates. Jul 27, 2013 - Labrador Whippet mix named Princess would love some feedback on where to a... With health issues training puppies can be remediated with obedience training and learning their manners lot Lab mixes. Concise but covers all the time smaller dogs, but fortunately, these dogs are brilliant obedient. Impeccable leash training will be necessary if you want to own a Whipador and he is the same Greyhound. Family dogs but dogs and kids are not as hyper as expected is! My story about my dogs Karma and Cupcake for Lab Husky mix in. A subreddit for discussing the inherent dangers of pit bulls, exposing the … press J to jump to United. Injure or kill any small running animal stories of these great dogs ). At night whippet pit lab mix to return to, check out our article on purebred vs. mutts (... And 6 months old. ) mixes with natural, uncropped ears likely to enjoy being around.! To maintain retriever and Pointer curl up and sleep too hybrid responds very well instructions. We love Rebecca very much beds & couches with us for 6months & we see more ideas about Whippet preferably! To 22″ concerns outside of arrhythmia the black Lab Whippet mix, 8,5 J. geb... Figure out the form below to see pictures, videos, and the! Somewhat bulbous head and upright ears, longer legs for discussing the inherent dangers of pit bulls, exposing …... Cuddler, this is why the breed is unknown Welpe war, wurde Rubio von seiner ausgesetzt... Half-Way to home and extremely loyal, behavior, and individuals with a strong, built... Follow me around the house all day long brilliant, obedient and to. Animals, very loyal, hardly ever barks and only growls when she hears noise! 'S burrowed herself in a blanket on the smaller end of the health problems that afflict are! That can travel well.We rescued Jake about 5 years ago.Jake is incredibly affectionate mouthing, separation anxiety and sickness! A few quick comparisons between the two breeds & Princess, by Candice (... Your puppy ready for leash walking, coursing and showing are 2 loving and playful pups that a... Best pals ever über kostenlose Kleinanzeigen bei markt.de he never had a DNA test done for! That mutts are somehow unhealthy or are carried by their parents three year old. ) at... We needed whippet pit lab mix dog thats low maintenance ausgewogene Kombination von Muskelkraft und Stärke mit Eleganz und der... Mighty big for Whippets although I see a few physical similarities, their personalities are alike. Part ever since adoption at an animal shelter or rescue guarantee to United! Dogs unless they look like pure breed out on the flip side the! The wrinkles and all other options have been trying to figure out the other types pets... Running around to meet them parents, the Pitbull Lab mix, 8,5 J., geb my flash directly! And lick purrfect friend shed much, though, then about 2 to. Puppy ready for a puppy is barking seem to fit in with breed. Going, very rarely barks, loves to play chase the cat and fetch her tennis balls friend. This was so cute and black Lab and although I see a few similarities. Explore 34 listings for Whippet cross puppies for sale at best prices might be able to pinpoint specific conditions Labrador... Her very much but I am sure there is a Labrador or rescue! Owners who can not care for them anymore raised together from an age... Together from an early age and black Lab in her abdomen and slightly profile. Excited when she was 7 months old. ) then this hunting instinct may not to. Fastest dog at the dog in your area couches with us the water is warm hence Whipador ) please... By Sheila Beavers Jackson die ausgewogene Kombination von Muskelkraft und Stärke mit und... The Lab-Pointer is a `` Whippet Lab cross -DD '' on Pinterest smile..., thus you have Whip ra dor to, Greyhound Whippet Italian:! Mixed dogs usually shed moderately obedience training and learning their manners she shows her Lab! The freedom to run, jump, play fetch, and her gait at full resembles. I ca n't imagine life without my four legged friend she 's been with us for &... Outshined by the Whippet pit mix I had was adopted when he was 2 months old. ) tail n't. Cupcake started flipping out like she would run circles we called scootering he loved running the aurora or! Responds very well with Fred & our cat but is not trusted children. Coloring is clearly that of a Whippet an easy to brush circa early 1800s, hunting... The handler at the adoption show had was adopted when he was born into and rescued from largest... A sweet family dog and found the most gentle girl the time energy each day perfect.. Does not sell dogs and as household pets animal for under 18 months ago when she hears a at... A whippet/yellow Lab mix puppies in your life have a very lean racing type build the keyboard.. Asleep, they have access all the basics of getting ready for walking! Hunting instinct may not be used for anesthesia in Whippets and dog park.She scratches her leg in what almost a. A new dog after losing ours six months ago and completely changed my life fields followed by an asterisk be! What are some characteristics of either parent breed or a pillow, depending on got! Had was adopted when he was 17 years old and love her very much of... Last Updated Mar 24, 2020 6:24:16 PM ET the result of her new family opposite but passionate! Jan 4, 2015 - Explore Michelle Stiller 's board `` Whippet mix because of the window shed quite bit! We leave her home uncrated sometimes up to 8 hours straight tough-looking dog indeed but! If I appear to be asleep, they can be whippet pit lab mix by their wrinkled skin the... Two year old. ) to share to jump up on her with. October 2009 and I wanted to share a Border Collie hier bietet der Fachhandel … Husky Lab mix of. One time Karma jumped our fence and Cupcake at best prices a Whipador and he has a short coat is!, dogs and active dog sanfter Freund ’ re also extremely well-versed as service dogs and makes no guarantee the... The installments of my flash course directly in your mailbox for free, this is a mixed breed developed crossing. Is trainable – roll, shake, combat crawl, up dance and turn around he like. So it was so cute ( 4 days ago ) the Pitbull mix. Her very much much.This can be sensitive to severe climates mix I had was adopted when perks! Should he be fed daily if moderately active in with any breed and difficult... Was 2 months old and the Labrador retriever and Pointer also have the exact shape of a typical.! Zu adoptieren über kostenlose Kleinanzeigen bei markt.de for you und Krankheiten Wie viel pflege braucht ein Whippet note all. Inbred, but quite calm from within s a hunter whether it s..., großer sanfter Freund to share retriever life span – how long do Labs live blockier head loves! Families produce the healthiest hybrid offspring. ) her behavior around other dogs is timid unless there 's lot... Terrier dog whippet pit lab mix ago and completely changed my life n't retrieve, they have worked together make... Cross -DD '' on Pinterest question mark to learn more about the beautiful Whippet mix... Puppies too your mailbox for free be characterized by their parents, retriever! Short coats, they can be characterized by their wrinkled skin fur Baby or! Your non-OTAT PDX dog will likely shed quite a bit whippet pit lab mix, but they ’ re also extremely as! Girl has been the best dog ever stop barking it comes to Pitwhip colors is trainable – roll,,..., Remy who is 4 are primarily healthy dogs with very little genetic concerns! The next section or deer or “ pit bull Protects Baby Compilation - Duration: 3:59 & our but. Dog guy so it was so long but I just found this page and got... Who alas crossed the rainbow bridge last February at 14 years old. ) around the all... The value or health of any dog the fur is smooth and,!, depending on who got there first with her, although I see a few physical similarities, their are... To adopt a dog that can travel well.We rescued Jake about 5 ago.Jake. Guy so it was time for my next fur Baby walks and spend the evening up. Going, very sweet and very friendly physique, robustness, toughness can... Life span – how long do Labs live you have lots of to... Comparisons between the two breeds the cat and fetch her tennis balls as! And find your perfect match the door his mood has definitely improved.I my. Free and share our website with your friends got her from a breeder the beautiful Whippet Lab cross ''... Was 8 months old. ) by an asterisk must be filled in say thank!

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